Saturday, May 1, 2010


Living where I do, I'm pretty behind the times, but today I finally decided to see what the noise was all about.

Yep, I joined Twitter!  You can visit me at Yoga_Gypsy.

Now to figure out the next step - what on Earth is it for??!!  So I figured I would ask all of you.  Do you use Twitter?  If so, how?  Do you like it? Why or why not?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  :)

PS - Bonus points to those who remember what movie I stole the title of the post from! ;)


  1. Bambi of course : )

    Twitter is pretty fun, but only if you follow the right people. There are lots of interesting conversations going on and lots of mundane ones. So follow a lot of people you are interested in and it will be good!

    PS: "RT" means "Retweet". Took me forever to figure that one out.

  2. I added you (or sent a request!) :) (coffeeandyoga).

    I started Twitter in order to try to spread the 'yoga in the park' and 'coffee and yoga' meetings. A local yoga teacher told me people check twitter and use it for 'tweet ups' all the time- so....

    anyways, it has been kinda useful for finding new blog posts, new yogis and local yogis.

    welcome to the twitter universe! (it took me forever to figure out that by clicking on the @coffeeandyoga icon on the right list that it would show all the people who tweeted at me...).

  3. I am still thoroughly confused by it! I finally figured out what RT meant, and I understand why the @ symbol is used, but can someone explain the # symbol to me? I feel like a really dumb Twitter-er (or is it tweeter?), but maybe I just need to take an hour or so and really try to understand it. At the moment I am definitely not using Twitter effectively!

  4. Thanks for the tips ladies! I am looking forward to figuring it out more!

  5. How do you guys find enough time to blog AND Twitter (AND probably Facebook, too)? I must admit that I have no interest in doing the latter two, for multiple reasons (which might appear in a forthcoming post!)--including TIME.

    As it is, it is hard for me regularly to visit your blogs--and they're worth reads. Maybe it's just a chaotic time for me...


  6. welcome to the twittersphere! i still haven't figured it out, but i have found that it's enriched my blogging experience. it's just another layer of communication and interaction. anyway, i'm sure you'll figure out a way to make it work for you!

  7. Welcome to tweetdom! Twitter can be fun, but I've found Facebook and blogging to be more engaging. It seems like it's all about putting together the right searches to find interesting conversations. I've been using TweetDeck to manage my FB and Twitter accounts, and that helps a lot.

  8. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to catching up with you all in the Tweet-verse! ;)

  9. I like Twitter because I like checking in with randomness. I'm a poet after my day job, so it makes sense to me. I follow healthy people, but also comics and my friends, it's good fun, probably because I only check in once or twice a week!

  10. I've just sent a request to add you (@yogachicky).

    I love, Love, LOVE Twitter!

    To get the best out of it, you need to download a desktop application like Seesmic Desktop, Tweet Deck or HootSuite. Basically, they're software that you can use your Twitter details to log into. They help you see what's going on a little better, keep track of your friends, and make reading and posting tweets easier.

    Through Twitter I've "met" a lot of really cool people. Actually, there's an interesting mix of RL (real life) friends, work mates, people I've met through my blog and people I've met solely through Twitter. Some of these I've now met in person, which is awesome because I never would've met them otherwise.

    It's kind of like an ongoing conversation you can choose to take part in at any time, or not! Who you choose to follow will define what sort of information you get back. And what you say will also define your experience there, too.

    The more you interact with others (@ replies) the more interesting things can get.

    As well as making new friends, I've also had a referral to my current physio, won prizes (movie tickets etc) and I generally find it an excellent source of world news - often before the mainstream media picks it up. I've also expanded my blog reading as a result of Twitter - although I certainly don't need to add to my almost 300 strong reading list! ;)

    Hope you find your own reasons to enjoy it and I'll see you there!

  11. hmmm, i'Ve been wondering what these (tweeted via hootdeck etc) type stuff were. I'll have to look into that!

    also the # symbol means that when you click on it or search a term with it, it shows all the tweets for that term. i think people have specific conversations on a topic that way..... right? :)

  12. I had posted here about this, but I don't see it! So, I'll write what I had written last time :). We don't have cell phones, so I don't think we can do twitter. You need a cell phone, right? I JUST signed up for facebook about a month ago, and I'm still getting used to that one :). Have fun, though ... it's amazing how much social networking is available to us these days!

  13. Wow, thanks for all the advice!

    @CB Kid -the randomness is a bit overwhelming...

    @Svasti - You are a twitter enthusiast! cool! Send me tips on who to follow!

    @Eco - thanks for the tip!

    @Juliana - We don't have 3G here (so our phones can't connect to the web) so I'm just using the web version.

  14. @EcoYogini - yes, when you see keywords with an # in front of it, that's called a "hashtag", believe it or not. And it's a way of grouping tweets on certain topics, and making those tweets easily searchable.

    @La Gitane - in terms of who to follow. So many! Most of your blog friends will probably have a Twitter account. And then it depends what you're interested in (yoga, travel, news etc). Might be able to draw you up a shortlist of my favourite Tweeps (Twitter peeps) some time soon :)