Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Facts about a Yoga Gypsy

Suburban Yogini today posted a lovely list of silly things about herself, and asked for some in response.  Which inspired me to share this little list of silly facts of my own, at complete random and in no particular order.

  1. The first time I was ever on a sailboat, I was 3 months old.  My parents rolled me up in a huge blanket and stuffed me tightly into a shelf so I wouldn't fall out when the boat heeled over.  I've been a sailor ever since!
  2. Sometimes country music makes me cry.  Sign of my heritage - I was born in Calgary, Canada, cowboy country!
  3. I have lived only 11 years of my life in my native country (and most of that was between the ages of 0-8), and lived the rest in 7 others.  So I have always been a bit of a Gypsy!
  4. I originally came to East Timor for 3 months.  That was in August 2004. ;)
  5. When my partner goes on holidays I revert to being a terrible bachelorette and have a tendency to eat beans on toast for supper.
  6. Although yoga encourages us to stay away from stimulants, my 3 favourites are: Timorese organic coffee - (the best coffee I've ever had!), New Zealand Sauvingon Blanc, and dark chocolate.  Mmmmmm.
  7. Since working for myself, I discover I have developed an absolutely allergic reaction to 9-5 employment.
  8. I have crossed the Atlantic ocean twice in a sailboat.  Magical.
 What can you tell me about yourselves, readers?


  1. Hmm these are fun! I especially like #8 - how magical. I share your 9-5 allergy, unfortunately that means I'm allergic to my life now, but what can you do except work towards something better...

    Someday I want to hear more about this love of your life who keeps you from you bachelorettehood : )

  2. nice to read this! what to say about me ? i like doodling when i have some meetings...
    i like to podcast and walk into sugarcanne
    it is 17 years i am not living into my native land
    i love travel

  3. Love your "silly things"! Just like Jamie, the 9-5 allergy is settling in and I don't see myself living this way for too many years now.
    And also, I don't envision living without dark chocolate, that would not be ahimsa to me ;-)

  4. Great list. I'm allergic to the 9-5 too. Secretly I think everyone is!

    My cousin's first boyfriend was a sailor. He sailed the Syndey-Hobart a few times. He's an accountant now I believe!! Anyway he sailed as a baby and legend has it that his parents wrapped him in a blanket and tied him to the mast....

  5. This is really sweet and fun! I love fun posts like this :).

    Silly thing about me ... hmmm .... Oh, gosh, I can't think of any. Oh, I cry during sappy, romantic movies, and I love happiness, and I recently bought a doll for my daughter that was probably just as much for me :).


  6. :D Thanks for sharing everyone!

    @Jamie - Yes, it truly is magical and life-changing. I feel super lucky. As for the 9-5, sadly it is kind of the way life is. As as Arjuna learned, we can't always change our circumstances, we can't avoid them, so we just have to do our best and fight through them. :)

    @Lila - I used to try and doodle... but I'm terrible at drawing! Living overseas after this long I think becomes a habit... in a way nowhere and everywhere is 'home'.

    @Emma - Hooray for dreams of a 9-5 free world in which we all eat dark chocolate... :D

    @Rachel - I'd love to sail the Sydney-Hobart. Closest I came was a small dinghy in Sydney harbour - whee! My sister was more fussy than I was, so she got a hammock...

    @Shaktimama - I am a big movie cryer too! That's half the fun though, right? xx

  7. I've written a few "random facts" posts before and I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for such things.

    I will say this though - I'm a terrific klutz and thank god for yoga, because it really helps me out with that. Not so much with the not falling or tripping, but certainly, I manage to hurt myself less because I know how to move my body if it is falling.

    Like last Friday, I missed the bottom two steps as I was walking down them with some work mates. But I managed to come to a stop by kneeling - one leg tucked underneath me, the other was upright and took most of my weight. Could've been so much worse if I didn't know what to do with my body!

    You're definitely more of a gypsy than I am although perhaps I'm just more of a local instead of an international gypsy. :)
    And I love a good red wine and some chocolate, too!!

  8. that was fun, i can relate to all of it except the sailing. lol

    silly thing? i'm a tough gal, but i cry at even sentimental commercials!