Monday, August 8, 2011

When in Africa...

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Ivory Coast, to document some of the responses to the ongoing humanitarian crisis there - the result of post-election violence that ripped through the country late last year and early this year.

Despite the sombre reasons for my going, here are a few images that remind me what it's all about...

Don't forget that as you are reading this - sipping coffee or tea, sitting in a chair surrounded by your loved ones and many blessings - over 12 million people in the Horn of Africa are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.  PLEASE head on over to your nearest charity website today and make a donation - no matter how small, every little tiny bit helps.  It costs only 50 cents to feed a child for a day - $20 could provide water for 90 people for a day - and only $40 could feed a child for an entire month.  You CAN make a difference - please do!


  1. The kids put it all in perspective when you consider the ongoing violence and horrible activities that occur in Africa.

    They are so beautiful. I love these photos :)

  2. I like your blog. I, too, spent many years in SE asia - Indonesian mainly. Send me an email, I would like to write you. Mine is dandmcguire at gmail

  3. I worked in a slum kindergarden in India 4 years ago and also got some great photos of the children. It felt so great to be able to contribute to their community! amazing photos!

  4. Buenas tardes:
    Realmente no sé escribir en ingés pero considero importante las faltas de ortografía, por esta razón escribo en españo.
    Lamento realmente esto, pero es una triste realidad que ocurre en el mundo.
    Felicitaciones por el valor que tienen para escribir todo esto.

  5. Thanks for posting those - we spent a lot of time in West Africa and there is so much heartache, but you are right, there is much joy on a very basic level. The easiest way into a community or village's heart is a soccer ball! It is so inspiring to see how, even in the midst of all the violence and suffering, people can still find life and enthusiasm.

  6. Fantastic! This is awesome, and these pictures are terrific! I love their smile and dazzling joy.

  7. I'm so thrilled that this post has inspired all these comments. Compassion is a huge foundation of yoga, and it's wonderful to see how it can reach out across the digital world as well!

  8. I would love to feature your group picture of yoga in Africa on yoga peach. Hope to hear from you. yogapeachblog at gmail