Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flavours of spring in the North

Photo by ItchyFeet Photography - I passed this tree on my way to work everyday!

Oh, seasons! I remember how much I love them.  Having been in the tropics for the last 7 years, my notion of seasons had been completely forgotten and constrained to hot&wet, hot&dry.

So the glorious unfolding of Spring in the northern hemisphere is a revelation.  Flowers.  Temperate mornings and the sun on your face.  The freshness of the air filling your lungs like air after a long dive underwater.  Oh, my.

My first spring in 7 years - hard to believe how time accumulates like that.  I suppose it's what they call growing up (in the sense that I won't really be grown up until I am about 89) - when a timeframe like that can sneak up on you.

So much change, so much uncertainty, and yet spring reminds us to stay rooted in the things - and people - we love, to appreciate a moment of sunshine on our faces, to stay grounded while still growing.

How is your Spring?