Thursday, August 5, 2010

What would be your 10 minute yoga?

It can happen anytime. Just as you step onto your mat, your leisurely morning turns into a rush. Whether your girlfriend calls to move up your brunch date, you suddenly realize you had the flight time wrong, or your boss calls an emergency meeting, you are suddenly left with only 10 minutes on your mat.

Gasp! Dedicated that you are, you NEED to practice. 10 minutes is better than nothing,right? So, yogis and yoginis - what is your 10 minute yoga?

Can't wait to read your sequences!


  1. Child > Cat > Down dog and back again x3

    Uttanasana > Tadasana

    Warrior 1 > Warrior 2 > Triangle on each side

    Uttanasana > Down dog > child

    Supine twists

    Centred breathing

    And I'm off!!!

    (I'm always the first commenter on your posts. I guess we're always online at the same time in our different time zones!! - we should Skype or something one day :))

  2. Uttanasana/Uktasanana/Tadasana/Swaying palm tree (couple of times). A few sun salutes. Warrior I/Ardha chandrasana/Warrior II/Prasarita Paddottanasana. Bridge (or maybe headstand). A lil twist. :)

  3. Surya Namaskara A and B, no question, with long holds in down dog and deliciously slow lunges stepping forward and back.

  4. Seated breathing and shoulder rolls, cat/cow, very slow surya namaskara A, and supta baddha konasana for 3-5 minutes.

  5. Also, I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter : )

  6. A seated twist, paschimottanasana, wide-legged seated pose, Triangle, Down Dog, Tadasana with Cow pose arms. That's what got my un-scrunched every morning when camping...

  7. A luxurious cat/cow/dog, uttansana/tadasana/chair flow, maybe holding in chair for twists, Warrior I to Pyramid sequence, child's, reverse pidgeon, supine twist. -artchair, from twitter

  8. Yipes. Ten minutes? I don't think I could even warm my body up enough to strike a decent pose. I think I'd have to default to some cat cow, a few A & B sun salutations along with reverse warrior, triangle, extended side angles.

    But really, I think I'd just sit and meditate or do some nadi shodhana. If I were that rushed, ten minutes of meditation and pranayama would probably be more needed than a frantic asana practice.

  9. Love this idea.
    pranayama breathing, tree,crescent moon, backward bend, 4-5 sun sals, childs pose, seated forward bend and savasana!

  10. Fabulous! I loved hearing all your creative ideas. Since asana helps me manage neck, back and shoulder pain, my 10 minute sessions can make the difference between a good day and a day of stiff and soreness.

    Usually I will include: cat/cow - a nice long Down Dog, stepping to lunges - tadasana/palm tree - utanasana - one legged DD to supine pigeon to seated twist - bridge - supta padangusthasana set - baddha konasana.

    But I like Alex's point, too - if you're stressed, a few minutes of sitting and breathing can make all the difference to set you right!

  11. can i link to this post tomorrow? this is awesome :)

  12. -Child's: stretching forward & melting hips...
    -Cat/Cow: hello spine!
    -Down Dog to low lunges with extended arm twist on both sides: delicious detox
    -Sun Salute A + B once each: morning, sunshine!
    -triangle each side: finding balance, baby!
    -twisting triangle: time to really wring out some toxins
    -one strong navasana: give your tummy lots of love and your practice will change
    -supported bridge (if you bring your thumbs to face up and fingers under back, you get a kickin' wrist stretch)
    -reclined butterfly: sigh
    -relaxed forward bend with slightly bent knees
    -a moment for meditation
    -final relaxation: melt away... can probably tell that I just can't get enough because I think this sequence is probably at least 15-20 min :) But this is one of my fave morning routines to start my day off happy and open!

  13. On a high-energy day? Sun A.
    On a low-energy day? Supta Baddha Konasana & a variation of Jathara Parivrtti.

  14. Oh, I am feeling jealous just about now! Living in our RV is making the yoga just about impossible (no room) ... and we are living on top of rocks so can't do yoga outside, and we are living an hour from the closest yoga studio ... soon though, and I will be telling you all about it. Perhaps the roof :)?

  15. 10 mins.?! Well i would say,
    Sun Salu,
    Warrior 2,
    Reverse Warrior