Thursday, August 19, 2010

World Humanitarian Day - Today

Who are we?

We are sisters.  We are brothers.
We are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.
We are leaders.  We are servants. 

We are witnesses, we are warriors,
relief-bearing, compassion clad.

We are die-hard optimists,
survival-mode cynics.
We are on a plane in moments,
flying in where people flee.

We attempt the impossible,
try to ease the pain.
We desire to restore dignity
we crave only the same
opportunities for everyone,
to live and love,
to peace and change.

We are at war with suffering,
armed with medicines and food,
we fight mankind and nature equally,
we fight apathy too,

From our homes, from our desks,
from our clinics, from our tents,
We do everything we can
when the world calls out in need.

We are human.

Are you?


  1. Inspiring, I'll post it on my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog and for sharing this

  3. Oh, this video was beautiful and inspiring, as was your poem. So, so beautiful.