Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In pictures: Ubud, Bali

 Well, I am back home from a lovely break in a small town in the mountains of Bali, Indonesia!  Ubud is a town nestled in the hills, surrounded by rice-fields and in the last decade or so has become a veritable mecca for tourists seeking culture, yoga, healing and other delights.  Despite the throngs of soul seekers and art purchasers, it is one of my favourite places and I always manage to have a lovely time there.  Here are a few pictures for you all!

The entranceway to my homestay compound...

Once inside... my little room was upstairs on the right-hand side.

Some good advertising...

Kafe, one of my favourite hang-out spots

Check out the fabulous menu!

The Yoga Shop...

The specials menu at another favourite restaurant, Sari Organik

Which is located in the middle of rice fields and surrounded by their very own organic gardens!

Mmmmmmm.  But of course, despite it all, there's no place like home! No place, that is, with a mountain of work waiting for you, an empty fridge and a lovely fluffy cat who is in need of a LOT of attention after you left her with a babysitter for 10 days. :) 


  1. I LOVE Ubud! It really is incredibly awesome. You've taken some gorgeous pictures (not hard to do there) and I'm glad you had a good time.

    And ah yes, kitty attention-giving is required, eh?

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  3. beautiful! hmmm, i wonder what happens at the yoga shop...?

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  5. Oh my. You couldn't help but have a good time, could you?
    And you know home is right when it's a pleasure to get back. I have lived in places where that wasn't so :(

  6. Why is everyone trying to sell me World Cup stamps?? ;)

    @Svasti - I know, isn't it wonderful?! Especially the desserts... :D

    @Roseanne - my credit card knows what happens at the Yoga Shop... ;)

    @Nadine - Yes! Home is where the heart (and the fluffy cat) is. :D

  7. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. And what gorgeous photographs ... I'm drooling. Someday, I'll go on a vacation such as this ... I'll make it happen :). And perhaps we'll meet for a cup of tea or something.

  8. @Juliana - You surely will! But I have to say that from here, living in a Yurt on that beautiful forested land that is all your own seems pretty darn exotic too! :)

  9. Love the photos - thanks for sharing! And so glad you're back :)