Sunday, March 24, 2013

3 weeks away, or, how to fit your life into hand luggage

Let me start by saying that I am not known for travelling light. Seriously. The excess baggage gods of the world must love me, given the amount of tribute I regularly pay to them.

So, as I embark on a 3-week trip to DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) to do some work for UNICEF there, I am particularly proud that this is the entire total of my luggage - all carry on!! Note the ultra-light travel yoga mat, which I'm excited to try out on my travels.

There is something incredibly refreshing about travelling light. It's the feeling of walking off the plane and not having to wait for your luggage. It's the feeling of knowing that you don't actually NEED tonnes of "stuff" in your life: clothes, shoes, accessories, toys. It's so good to release yourself from the material world that we are so heavily rooted in, and practice the yogic concept of aparigrahah, usually understood as non-grasping or letting go.

I'll be scheduling a few posts while I am away, dear readers, but if there is a bit of a lull in this blog I hope you'll understand!

Now, let's see how many bags I come back with... ;)


  1. That's excellent! You should see the bag I'm lugging around India for two months. Then, it had to contain clothes for the north, the south, books, laptop, two month's worth of supplements and a yoga mat. So maybe it's not so bad after all...

    Enjoy your travels and travelling lightly!

  2. I am so impressed :) Not sure we will achieve the same on the next trip :)