Thursday, July 18, 2013

A question for my readers

Hi everyone,

Through Yoga Gypsy I often get offers to review various yoga products and services, host giveaways etc. So far I have kept the blog yoga-product free, but since this blog is just as much (probably more!) for you as for me, I'd be really interested to know what you think, friends and readers? Would you like to see reviews of things like yoga mats and yoga clothes on Yoga Gypsy? I'd love to hear your thoughts & opinions! I asked this on my Facebook page, too, so if you like you can comment there.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

And now, here's a totally gratuitous picture of some kittens....


  1. I get a lot of requests on this too, I tend to go only by what I do or would actually use myself, or possibly think regular readers of my blog might be interested in ( I seem to get invited to a lot of danceacise type press launches too or asked to interview the next Zumba star). Seems a good rule of thumb. Wish some company's would send me some shorts to review though as there's almost nothing out there on, say, the best Ashtanga practice shorts for men. Clothes are difficult though, I get the feeling Ashtangi's have their favourites that they wear to death. In reviewing some clothing you kind of want to wait three years to see if they are still holding up to our practice, can't see a company being happy to wait that long before you post the review : )

    1. Thanks for the answer Grimmly. I know what you mean about clothes - so hard to know what will last well or work under different conditions. When I was living in the tropics I preferred totally different fabrics than in a cooler, dryer climate. But it would be an interesting exploration I guess! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I agree with Grimmly. You can review what you would use and not be influenced by the company or the company's marketing team as there are companies who only want positive reviews.