Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yoga and Healing: Guest bloggers wanted!

We have all heard stories of the amazing healing that yoga can bring.  In honour of a yoga friend who recently suffered a bad accident, I am going to do a series of posts on yoga and healing - and I need your help!

Whether physical, mental or emotional, whether your story or a loved one's, if you have a yoga and healing story, I want to hear it.  I believe that by sharing stories we can inspire each other, and people at any stage of healing can take heart from that inspiration.

Get in touch with me! lagitane at mac dot com


  1. i will be happy to share how yoga did change my emotional life, my english is not that brillant, let me know if this story of mine could be part of your project

  2. @Lila - I would love to hear your story. If you prefer to write in French please do and I can translate! Thanks for being willing to share!

  3. I've only just started on my 'yoga journey', so haven't got a story to tell (yet!), but I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's inspiring stories :)

  4. I am looking forward to read these inspiring yoga healing stories! I too am new to yoga, with RA & many physical limitations, I am always looking for ways to strengthen myself emotionally, spiritually and physically.

  5. Hi, I found you from suburban yogini... awesome blog! I would love to share my story if it's not too late.

  6. are you still looking for guest bloggers on this topic? If so I'd love to share.

  7. Yoga for me is the perfect device to let her go and recognise that the esence of love is always with me.
    The decition is yo or prozac.
    Actually ashtanga win

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