Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gift of Embodiment: Part II

My body is a gift.

My body breathes (oxygen absorbed, transferred, delivered, bonded, unbonded, CO2 bonded, released, inhale, exhale, wow).

My body moves.

My body makes popping noises, poofing noises and other funny noises!

When my body laughs hard enough, my belly hurts, my eyes run and more noises ensue. Glee!

My body tells me what it needs, my body eats, drinks and digests.  My body gets rid of what it doesn't need (why can't I do the same?!).

My body sleeps so I can dream.

My body stumbles and recovers. Sometimes my body falls, my body hurts, my body bleeds, my body heals.

My body heats me when I'm cold, cools me when I'm hot.  My body runs when I'm afraid, jumps when I am startled, stands still when I don't know what to do.

My body makes funny faces, has funny habits, twists my hair, rubs my nose.

My body grows all the time, skin, hair, fingernails toenails!

My body gets butterflies in its tummy when my eyes meet the eyes of someone I love.  My body gets tears in its eyes when I'm sad, and crazy big smiles when I'm happy, and faraway looks when I am far away.  (But I always come back).

My body puts one foot in front of the other.  Day in, day out.  Never fails.

My body allows me to experience the physical world.  My body loves to touch fluffy things, stroke silky things, press palms into smooth, warm wood still vibrating with the memory of trees.

I digress.

My body is healthy and whole, and for that I am grateful.
My body is a gift.  My body is a home.  My body is amazing!

Does anyone remember "The Big Orange Splot", by Daniel Pinkwater? 
"My house is me, and I am it, and it looks like all my dreams."


  1. ohhh i have never seen that book-art? before! very cool.

    love this post- thank you!

  2. @EcoYo - it's a WONDERFUL book, one of my childhood favourites! It's about a neighbourhood where all the houses look the same until one day a bird drops a great orange splot of paint on one man's house, and he discovers joy in making his house look like all his dreams. At first the neighbourhood resists him, but then it catches on... :) :) Warm fuzzies all around!

  3. hello... can this post be a childrens book? maybe you can get the same illustrator?

  4. @ Emma - Lol, what fun! Something like that would make a great kids book. Any volunteers? ;)

  5. La Gitane, what a beautiful post! I could see this in a children's book with lots of happy pictures :). Oh, ha, I just saw Emma's post and your response to it! We're all thinking the same thing here ... now, that really says something!

  6. LOVED this!! For someone who struggles with self esteem/confidence in their body (like me) this is such a wonderful reminder!