Friday, June 8, 2012

Never miss an opportunity...

To take yoga photos in nature!!

What yoga opportunities do you never miss?


  1. I love your photos! I am a nature-lover, and doing yoga in places where I can be one with nature would be the perfect combination for me. Yoga, definitely, is a very good means of acquiring inner peace. I usually do it at the beach, nature parks, even in my own garden. I have some tips for you. Before doing yoga outdoors, make sure you have a very good mat. Clean your mat regularly so you can use it next time. Also, do not use the same mat when doing yoga indoors. Another thing, if you are to do yoga in a public place like the park, watch-out for dog poops and insects. Lastly, find a flat surface so you won’t lose balance. Oh, and concentrate even harder because there can be distractions.

    1. Thanks Saundra! I totally agree - being in a natural 'outer space' helps me find that beautiful 'inner space'. Thanks for the great tips!