Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brief hiatus while I... move to Australia!

Yes, dear readers, the Gypsy is on the move again! You may have noticed that my posts have been a bit scarce of late, and that's because, as the title of this post suggests, I'm in the middle of moving... to Australia!!

Yep, I have packed up my worldly possessions (again), and am headed for the sun, surf and sand of Sydney! Needless to say I haven't found a lot of time for blogging with all that going on... But I do have some reader-requested posts in the works including: preparatory poses for Warrior III, relieving jaw tension, and yoga for people with hyper mobility or hyper flexibility. So stay tuned!!!

To keep you busy, while I'm away I'll be re-posting a few older posts purely for your enjoyment - and I'll pick back up in a few weeks at the most, maybe less. :)

Meanwhile, this last week I had the chance to relive a little bit of my personal history by driving through the Canadian mountains from Whistler to Kamploops, British Colombia. Here are some pictures of that stunning countryside that makes my heart sing.

Maybe I'll always be a gypsy, but there is nothing like the homeland to make my heart sing. Farewell for now, Canada! I will miss you.


  1. Yay for moving to Australia - for now :) Canada will still be there! We'll be back...

  2. yay new adventure!!! I'm excited for you :)
    Also- one of those valleys looks an awful lot like Vernon... makes me a bit nostalgic for my time there :)
    safe voyage!

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? I have just left and I'm already nostalgic... But I've never been to Halifax so hopefully one day I will visit that coast, too!